Are you responsible for the management of water management in the fresh and marine water or mining industry?

Is your current underwater inspection team providing you with cost-effective, time and labour-saving initiatives and high definition reporting in real time when carrying out water inspections? The water inspection industry is facing a revolution in technology and innovation…. are your current service providers at the forefront of this movement?

Wrighteye Industries is a world-leader in ROV (Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle) inspections of water reservoirs for the water and mining industries, and are proudly turning the industry on it’s head! They provide strategic underwater solutions for the the fresh and marine water industry and mining industries, with safe and economical options for inspection and minor maintenance intervention work. Learn more about our services.

The water management industry is changing. Progressive companies are now utilising remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to inspect underwater assets. The benefits of this are many. It allows you to:

  • significantly lower your operating costs with reduced personnel required
  • reduce insurance risk and liability (view Wrighteye’s Health and Safety Policy)
  • eliminates human error in reporting and provides less-biased analysis in reporting as Wrighteye are not a maintenance company
  • reduce the need for divers at sites where there may be risks from dive time/depth exposure
  • providing accurate data in real time, therefore allowing quicker solutions and recovery in urgent situations
  • offering aerial capability via the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)

Wrighteye Industries utilise the latest technology in ROV and UAV to perform work related tasks providing a safe alternative to more traditional methods of underwater inspection and work. Their team consists of some of the most experienced ROV pilots in Australia, with experience in global subsea operations for the oil and gas industry over the past decade. Learn more about our team.

Recent clients include Sydney Water, Goulburn Valley Water and BHP, all of whom were glowing in their praise for the work completed and the outcomes of the projects. Learn more about why leading companies are choosing to work with the Wrighteye Industries.